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High Quality Leather Goods 

Buy everything from rolled leather dog collars, custom head stalls and breast collars to belts and holsters at Schaaf Saddlery & Leather Work. Our store in Hamilton, Ohio, makes a wide selection of leather products. All of our merchandise is hand crafted and edged to give it a unique look. We have items for people as well as animals. If you have a piece that needs to be fixed, ask us about our leather repair services. We restore all sorts of items.


Gun Holsters & Belts

For the outdoor enthusiast we make gun holsters and belts for concealed carry, hunters and cowboy mounted shooters. We can make holsters as plain or fancy as you like. We will mold your holster to fit your gun.

Horse Equipment & Goods

Besides durable dog products, we also have items for horses and horse owners. Like our canine merchandise, these products are also made by hand. Our horse goods include:

Breast Collars |Head Stalls | Cinch Buckle Covers | Cribbing Straps | Cruppers | Split & Contest Reins | Fly Whisks | Lassos/ Lariats | Foal Halters | Reflector Boots | Ropes |Horse Collar Mirrors

Quality Leather Goods

Pick custom leather products to buy for your family and friends at our store. We have a large selection of quality made items. Our inventory includes:

Belts & Buckles | Industrial Tool Holders | Leather Bullwhips | Braided Leather Watch Fobs | Eyeglass, Pen & Pencil Holders | Billfolds & Wallets | Lighter Cases | Personalized Key Fobs | Wink ‘N Blinks 

Custom Orders

Let us design and make special products for your job needs. We routinely make and stock many varieties of handy leather tool carriers. For custom or bulk orders, give us a call today.