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About Schaaf Saddlery & Leather Work

The skill is a family tradition beginning with great grandfather Schaaf, a harness maker from Prussia, that set up shop in Cincinnati. His son followed him in the trade and named his shop the J.B. Schaaf Company. In 1950, Walter took over the business steering the company toward horses and backyard pets. Eventually, Walter renamed the business to Schaaf Saddlery & Leather Work. After many years in business, Walter passed down the company to former employee Darwin Mock. Darwin and his wife Nancy moved the company to where it is now in Hamilton,Ohio.

Darwin Mocks

Meet Darwin Mock

The creation of leather goods has always been a part of his life. As a child, Mr. Mock watched his father enjoy the hobby of leather making. It was by watching his dad that he learned how to stitch by hand, create knots, and more.

In 1980, when he  started working for Walter the shop was located in Cincinnati. Darwin honed his skills under Walt’s leadership. Once the shop moved to Cheviot, Darwin and Walter started crafting saddles and bridles. They also completed repairs. After many years in the business, Walter decided to pass the business to Darwin.

Putting the Customer First

Our team enjoys giving each and every customer expertly crafted leather goods. When you come to us to shop or have your items restored, we provide you the best customer service. We take pleasure in helping you find the right products, such as dog leashes and collars, belts, bullwhips, and more. Stop by our leather workshop today!