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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should my dog's ID plate say?

A: Your dog’s ID plate should contain your name, current phone number, and your dog’s name. However, you can simply have your pet’s name. Typically, you don’t have to include an address, since no one mails a dog back.

Q: What work is done when I have a saddle cleaned and oiled?

A: We take it apart and then inspect, wash, oil, and put it back together. After that is done, we dress it with a finish coat. We hope you'll be amazed at how nice it looks when it's done.

Q: How much does it cost to have a saddle repaired?

A: The costs of repair vary, as every saddle repair is different. Your estimate will depend on the repair and the work it takes to get the saddle apart and back together.

Q: Do you repair leather garments?

A: No. We don't fix garments.

Q: When ordering a dog collar, what do I measure— the old collar or the neck?

A: Measure around the part of the dog’s neck where you want the collar to lie. You can also use the measurement of an old collar (only to the hole the dog is presently using). Do not add any extra inches. We’ll do this when making the collar at our shop. Do tell us if the dog is still growing.

Q: What forms of payment do your accept?

A: We accept several forms of payment. Make your purchase using PayPal™, cash, money orders, or any major credit card like Visa™ or MasterCard™.

Q: Can my items be mailed?

A: Yes. Your items can be shipped to you. We ship products using USPS™ Priority Mail. A charge of $8.00 is required for orders that weight up to 1 Lbs. We also send smaller items using USPS First-Class Mail. Out-of-county shipping is offered. Please give us your zip code to have your order sent outside the US. We’ll use it to check on the cost for you.

Depending on product availability, orders are usually shipped the next day with immediate payment. If you pay with a personal check, we’ll have to wait for it to clear before the items are shipped. For custom made items, they are sent after creation. Feel free to call us to check on your order.