Braided Leather Bullwhips or Bull Whip
& Bullwhip Holsters or Holders

Braided Leather Bullwhip

Braided Leather Bullwhips
Bull Whips Made in the U.S.A.

Those who know, love our bullwhips! Traditionally, bullwhips are used for driving stock, but now are often for theater or re-enactment, but ours still have the same quality needed for real work.  Each bull whip has a swivel handle for ease of use.  They are 8-plait leather, and the measurement is taken on the main body of the bull whip, with the fall & cracker added on after that.  Bull whips in brown or black, depending upon availability.

Bullwhips or Bull Whips:

4'     $68.50
6'     $72.00
8'     $86.95
10'  $ 97.95
12'  $ 119.95
14'  $150.00

Did you know? The crack of the bullwhip is caused by the tip of the whip going faster than the speed of sound, so it is actually a sonic boom. The bullwhip is the first known human-made object to do this.

Bullwhip Holster or Bull Whip Holder

We make these bull whip holders or holsters out of high quality USA cowhide, & can add a brass plate to personalize with your name or other ID engraved for an extra $7. Modestly priced for good ol' USA labor & leather!

Plain     $17.75
W/ Engraved Plate     $24.75


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