Lariat or Cowboy Lasso for Steer Roping or Western Decoration

Lariat rope

Lariat Rope or
Cowboy Lasso

These lariats, or lassos, are the real thing, and each has been used, at least a little, for steer roping. They are good, clean, hard-twisted nylon, and measure a little over 30' each. Still holding their shape, and smelling good, they are a perfect item for western decorating in a room done in the western design, and still have enough roping life left if you care to put them back into use. Notice the nice leather, hand-laced burner on the honda end. The ropes vary a little in color, as shown, but all cost the same - only $17.95 each.

This rope shows a little more use & color variation, so we'll even include the leather hanger we made for it. Leather hangers for other ropes $2, but they'll display without it.
Pictured below are 3 lariats, or lassos, showing differences in color. Notice the nice leather, hand-laced burner on the honda end. Notice the nice leather, hand laced burner on the honda end

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