Horse Collar Mirror

Horse Collar Mirror Horse Collar Mirror with brass knobs & sleigh bells
Right now we have more horse collar mirror set than pictured, but the one above is a piece of history from the depression era.  The leather is pieced on the front side, & the back is canvass in excellent condition.  $325  Call for more pictures. 
We usually have a set of old or antique brass sleigh bells to drape over the horse collar mirror. (sold  separately)
We try to keep one or more Horse Collar Mirrors in stock, but it's getting hard to find good old collars and hames that are worth cleaning up and restoring with good leather straps where necessary. We also look for ones that will look good hanging up, preferably with solid brass hame knobs and some character.

Price will vary with each unique piece.  Right now we have a selection from $225 to $550

Picture above shows a horse collar mirror draped with a set of antique sleigh bells ~ more properly called jingle bells ~ See our bell page here.

We can also reset your antique bells on a good, pliable leather strap, for just $6 a bell, and that includes the quality cowhide leather strap.



Horse Collar Mirror
This is an old brown collar & mirror with very nice wooden hames. $450. We include a hanging strap which is made with solid brass hardware, but most sets could also hang without it over something as simple as a good stout nail.

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