Leather Dog Leashes

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Braided Dog Leashes, Plain Leashes, Police Dog Leashes,
Stub or Traffic Leashes
Available in black, natural, or brown

We hand edge our standard flat dog leashes on each long side, both front & back of leash (all 4 sides) for a more professional look, & dramatically more comfortable leash in your hand.
Color samples: All dog leash colors vary with availability, but shown here are medium brown, bright brown, black, very dark  brown, & more black.  Notice the finished the edges for a more comfortable feel on each dog leash


A Leash Braided in one Continuous Piece of Leather

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 Leashes up to 6' in length in popular widths. Leashes over 6' will be sewn together adding $10 per foot over 6'.

All of our narrow dog leashes are hand sewn for strength and durability.

We don't use item number's.
Select your dog leash by the size you want. 

New size, beautiful 1/4"     $28.50
3/8"    $28.50
5/8"    $28.50
3/4"    $28.50
                      1"    $36.50


Very heavy doubled & sewn leather dog leash.  A good police dog leash or for guard dog type training.  (not pictured)


Dog Leash Heaven Police or Patrolman Dog Leash; Stub Leash or Traffic Leashes
Examples of the different widths we can offer for your leather dog leash.  Colors of dog leashes depend upon availability.


Skip the middleman!
We make dog leashes right here
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For a show dog leash for conformation, or a rolled-type dog leash for walking, click on the link for rolled leather leashes.

Sometimes a short leash is so handy!  And yes, we can make these dog leashes in black as well as brown.

Top: Police or Patrolman dog leash  has a brass ring in handle so you can snap it around your waist or shoulder when not on dog. From 36' to 42"

Patrolman Dog Leash: 36" to 42"   $24.50
Long Stub Leash: 24"   $18.50
  Medium Stub Leash: 18"   $14.00
Short Stub Leash 12"  $ 12.00

To order, call 513-481-9900

Don't forget to check out our fine line of Leather Dog Collars to match your new leash. We can usually make you a matching collar to go with your new leash and add a solid brass nameplate for identification.

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