Rolled Leather Dog Collars


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Pictured above..
Left: Handmade Traditional rolled leather collar.
Right: Handmade Fine Round leather collar

Rolled Leather Dog Collar in Medium width

Pictured above..for tiny breeds, giant breeds, and everything in between:
Left: 1/2" narrow Fine Round leather dog collar
Middle: 3/8" very narrow Fine Round leather dog collar
Right: Traditional rolled leather collar.
    All are flat only at the buckle end.
    Below are more examples of the differences between our Traditional Rolled  & our "Fine Round" dog collars, loved by owners of show, pet & rescue dogs!
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Rolled Leather Dog Collars                

 Available in Brown, Black & Neutral for toy dogs, giant breeds, & everything in between.
(We can match leather leashes in some)

Our Traditional rolled leather collars (the larger ones), are approximately 1/2" in diameter throughout the rolled area, & your choice of 3/4" or 1" wide at flat, buckle end. These rolled collars are stronger than the mass-produced rolled collars we've seen.  We know leather & we know hardware.

$39.75 up to 18" neck 
$48.50 Neck sizes 18" & over
           20% restocking fee on rolled dog collars, so please give us an accurate measurement.                        




  NEW!  A medium width rolled collar

 Traditional type, but narrower. 3/4'' piece of leather split down the middle, stitched on top of one another, then rolled. Excellent for medium sized dogs.

$39.75 up to 18" neck

$48.50 Neck sizes 18" & over


Very Narrow Fine Round Collars

Narrow collars on the right in top picture, & also in picture just to the left, are what we call our "Fine Round" dog collars" - uniquely ours. We can make these collars as narrow as 1/4" through the rounded area, with a 3/8"  flat, buckle end, or slightly wider  with a 1/2" flat end.  They are very strong for their size. These narrow leather dog collars were originally designed for tiny Toy Dogs, but they have been found to be ideal collars for hanging tags on any coated breed where you want to disturb the hair as little as possible, even on giant  dogs. 

The "Fine Round" version is not a folded & rolled collar, but is a single layer of leather cut & shaped to be rounded except for the flat ends where it buckles. 

 $39.75  For All Neck Sizes


Notice: elongated D rings on smaller dog collars - a great convenience when attaching leash or handling your dog. Buckle sizes from a tiny 3/8" or 1/2" for the narrowest leather collars, on up to 1" for the traditional rolled dog collars. 

Notice: the wide sizes of rolled dog collars have brass tuck loops, & the narrow dog collars have leather tuck loops. 


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These collars are much stronger than other rolled dog collars on the market.


ow to measure your dogs neck for appropriate size to order. Remember to tell us what your dog's neck measurements are and if he is still growing. We will add the extra inches to make the collar work, plus give you some extra holes.

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